2015.03.23 【Release information】Wins and losses of games become easier to follow.
Wins and losses of games that appeared during the match become easier to follow.
You can also check them during the game now.

2015.03.09 【Release information】Game spec change for "TIE BREAKER"

In "TIE BREAKER" game, the score of the first team will not appear on the next team's screen.
Thus, the match can go fairly.(See the image below)

Score of the first team appears on the next team's screen in the latter team's round.


In the latter team's round, the score of the first team appears as "???".

After both teams throw darts, the result appears to decide the game.

Referrence:What is TIE BREAKER?
2014.05.19 Location test has started in some areas for GLOBAL LEAGUE.