What’s LEAGUE?

LEAGUE is a team competition where multiple teams compete in the round robin format.

Each team participates from different LEAGUE Shops and competes twice against all the other teams at HOME & AWAY venues.

Different points are awarded depending on the MATCH result and TEAM RANKING will be determined by the total points earned from MATCHES.


GLOBAL LEAGUE is a darts LEAGUE competition using DARTSLIVE2 and online LEAGUE operation system.

Use your DARTSLIVE CARD to make the LEAGUE entry. 
You can use the same DARTSLIVE CARD for regular and LEAGUE plays.
With one card, you can check your performance data of both LEAGUE MATCH and regular play!

Online MATCH enables players at 2 distant shops to compete.
LEAGUE MATCH between 2 shops that are far apart.
Aim to be world’s no.1 team!

Automated LEAGUE Operation
MATCH is scheduled automatically. Please visit the designated Entry Shop according to the SCHEDULE.
On the LEAGUE day, insert your card in DARTSLIVE2. The darts board provides automatic guidance for the GAME to proceed following the GAME format assigned to the LEAGUE.
MATCH results will be uploaded automatically via the internet and available on the CARD PAGE anytime for your view.

GLOBAL LEAGUE Operation Flow

GLOBAL LEAGUE entry at the participating shop
Check your match schedule on the web
Show up at the shop on the match day
Insert your CARD into DARTSLIVE2 and follow the instructions to play the game
Check the match results and ranking on the web