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About LEAGUE Registration Card

About TEAM Entry Application


On the LEAGUE Day


What do I need to do to join the GLOBAL LEAGUE?

First ask your entry shop of DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE whether it hosts GLOBAL LEAGUE.

I want to know darts terms used for the GLOBAL LEAGUE.

This is a team competition where multiple teams compete in a round robin format. Each TEAM competes twice against all the other teams at HOME & AWAY venues.

A period of time to complete all MATCHES.
A LEAGUE consists of several SEASONS.
One team per shop can make an entry. Before each SEASON begins, each shop submits one TEAM Entry Application.

When there are many TEAM entries, those TEAMS are divided into several groups and within that group, TEAMS compete against each others in a round robin format.
These groups are called DIVISIONS.
A SEASON ends when all scheduled MATCHES for all DIVISIONS are completed.

This is a set of GAMES played at a LEAGUE Shop on a LEAGUE day.

GAME POINTS are awarded to the winner of the GAME such as 501, CRICKET, MEDLEY and etc.

GAME POINTS are awarded to the winning TEAM and its participating members.

BONUS POINTS are awarded to the winning TEAM
Accumulated game and bonus points will decide the team ranking within the division.

How long is one LEAGUE SEASON?

The length of SEASON varies depending on the number of TEAMS and MATCH SCHEDULE.
Please contact your ENTRY SHOP for details.

How are the team rankings in a season decided?

Rankings are based on the cumulative points of games and bonus in a season. If teams have the same cumulative points, followings are considered in the order for the ranking decision.

1.The team with more number of games won will be ranked higher.
2.The team with less number of games won will be ranked higher.
3.The team with more number of legs won will be ranked higher.
4.The team with less number of legs won will be ranked higher.

About LEAGUE Registration Card

Do I need to buy a new DARTSLIVE MEMBERS CARD to join the LEAGUE?

You do not need to buy a new DARTSLIVE CARD.
The card you are using for regular play can also be used for LEAGUE Entry.
Please see here for CARD Registration Requirements.

If I transfer the data from a card registered with the LEAGUE to a new card, can I continue participating in the LEAGUE?

You can continue participating in the LEAGUE.
Please make sure that your data is properly reflected on your CARD before you start "GLOBAL LEAGUE" on the DARTSLIVE2 on the day of the MATCH. If you transfer your CARD data during or right before MATCH, you may not be able to participate in the LEAGUE due to the long transfer time.
※Please note the original CARD that you took the data from will be unavailable.

About TEAM Entry Application

Can I enter the LEAGUE from any shops where DARTSLIVE machines are installed?

Entry is available at your home shop of DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE that hosts GLOBAL LEAGUE.

Are there any specific requirements for the card to be registered for the LEAGUE?

A card which meets the following requirements can be used for the LEAGUE registration.
・PIN Number is available to access the DARTSLIVE CARD PAGE.
Participation in any DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE in the last 3 seasons(
・Not registered in the LEAGUE that you are about to register as other team’s member.

※It means the ongoing LEAGUES from the last 3 seasons(LEAGUES listed for the LEAGUE SEARCH)

In the example of A LEAGUE, GLOBAL LEAGUE can accept the players who participated in one or more seasons after SEASON2.

Can I change TEAM MEMBERS after TEAM Entry Application is submitted?

You can add or remove Members.
Please speak to your LEAGUE Entry Shop staff when adding Members to your TEAM or removing Member from your TEAM.
* Please note that Member addition may not be permitted depending on LEAGUE regulations.

I have submitted a TEAM Entry Application, but, I don’t know if it has been approved and entry process has been completed. What shall I do?

An e-mail will be sent to a registered e-mail address when TEAM Entry Application is approved.
This approval process may take some time. Your patience and understanding will be appreciated!
If you do not receive an e-mail after a certain while, please check with your TEAM LEADER or ENTRY SHOP.

【TEAM Entry Application has been approved, but, the approval e-mail doesn’t arrive..】
Even if the approval e-mail does not arrive, your entry of the LEAGUE TEAM has been successfully completed.
However, e-mail transmission may have failed for some reasons.
Please check the followings:

◆Have you registered the correct e-mail address?
Please visit DARTSLIVE CARD PAGE and check your registered e-mail address.

◆Have you applied e-mail block to the registered e-mail address?
If you have applied "Domain Block"(※) or "Specified Address Block"(※) to your e-mail address, please change settings to receive e-mails from "dartslive.com".
Please refer to your e-mail service manual for changing e-mail block settings.
※e-mail block may be called differently depending on the e-mail services.


Can I change MEMBERS’ information that is already registered?

You can change your ENTRY NAME and E-mail address.
Go to “Settings” of the MENU on your DARTSLIVE MEMBERS CARD PAGE for changing your E-mail address.
Please ask your Entry Shop staff for the ENTRY NAME change.
※Rules in some LEAGUEs may not accept any change.

RATING and STATS in the LEAGUE MENU are not the same as the information in the DARTSLIVE CARD MEMBERS PAGE. Why?

As the calculation of RATING and STATS in the LEAGUE MENU are based solely on the results of the LEAGUE games, these figures are different from the ones in the CARD PAGE.
RATING and STATS on the LEAGUE menu are used for the items such as AUTO HANDICAP, RATING restrictions in the LEAGUE MATCHES and the ranking on the GLOBAL LEAGUE PAGE for the PC website.

Will LEAGUE GAME Results be reflected in the regular CARD Data?

Yes, they will be reflected in the regular CARD Data.
LEAGUE GAME Results will be recorded in the Match History and also affect the RATING.
On the other hand, game results other than the ones from LEAGUE GAMES will not be reflected in the LEAGUE Data.

On the LEAGUE Day

When do we decide the team roster?

Insert card(s) in DARTSLIVE2 before the start of each GAME and confirm the team roster.

What shall I do if I can not make it to the scheduled MATCH ?

You can change the schedule.

※Some league rules may not allow the change.

◆If you want to delay the MATCH starting time
You don’t need to do anything in particular.
Just start the MATCH when your opponent is ready.
※If it is 12 hours before to 7 days after the starting time, you can start the MATCH.

◆Change MATCH schedule
If you want to delay the schedule by 8 days or longer, please contact shop staff as schedule change on the system is required.

TEAM MEMBER does not have DARTSLIVE CARD on the LEAGUE day. Can the person still participate in LEAGUE GAMES?
(MEMBERS forgot to bring cards, lost cards and etc.)

No, they cannot participate in the MATCH.
However, if they transfer data from card(s) registered with the LEAGUE to unused card(s), they are able to take part in the MATCH.
※Please be aware that the original card becomes unusable.

We have selected LEAGUE Menu on DARTSLIVE2 but the MATCH does not start. Why?

Please check the followings:

◆Have both TEAMS inserted the DARTSLIVE CARDS that are registered in the LEAGUE?

◆ Are MATCH schedule and shop correct?
※If it is 12 hours before to 7 days after the starting time, you can start the MATCH.
※The MATCH will be void 8 days after its schedule and both teams get no point.

◆Is the opponent camera’s view available?
※If it is n’t, the opponent may not start GLOBAL LEAGUE yet.

◆Have sufficient credits been entered?
※Please note that "the number of credits indicated x 2 teams" are required.

◆Have both teams pressed the "Start the MATCH" button?

We have inserted DARTSLIVE CARD(S) according to the instruction given in the team roster confirmation screen, but the GAME does not start. Why?

Some LEAGUES may have specific participation requirements.
Please check the color of players’ ENTRY NAMES displayed on the screen.
WHITE ⇒ No Problem. This player has satisfied requirements.
RED ⇒ Players’ total RATING has exceeded the upper limit.
GRAY ⇒ This player hasn’t met requirements such as the participation beyond the upper limit.

What shall we do if we cannot start the GAME as we do not have enough MEMBERS?

Please cancel the game via DARTSLIVE2.
Please operate DARTSLIVE2 according to the instruction given below.
1.Press P4 button for 2 seconds on the throwing order screen of the game to cancel.
2. Select "GAME Loss by Default" and wait for the order decision by the opponent.
The game is canceled when your opponent decides the order.
3.The game ends and the order screen appears for the next game. Please proceed and complete the MATCH.

Do I need to keep waiting even if I start the MATCH as scheduled and my opponent is a no-show?

The team that started the GLOBAL LEAGUE will win by default if the opponent doesn’t show up 30 minutes after the team inserted the CARD.

However, it is 30 minutes after the scheduled time on the system even if the team started earlier.

What should I do when the game ends in DRAW?

Neither game nor match can end in DRAW.
Please play "TIE BREAKER" when the game or the match ends in RDRAW.
In "TIE BREAKER", one player of each team throws one dart to get higher score to decide the game result.

What will happen if match becomes unavailable due to network problems and power outage?

If network is disrupted in the middle of the game, the order screen just before the disruption will appear.
Decide the order again, and press "START GAME" button. When network recovered, you can resume the game.
If the network is not recovered, you can either wait or interrup the MATCH. Please make the decision upon agreement with your opponent.
If you drop the MATCH, you can resume the MATCH within 6 days from the original MATCH date.